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We now have all witnessed the financial meltdown at Metropolis Hall. Our city’s challenges – the breakdown in financial controls, the lack of our credit worthiness, and a protracted historical past of sweeping financial issues under the rug somewhat than confronting them immediately – are having a destructive influence on families and our neighborhoods.

The issue is that the federal government has already used many of the cash in the trust funds to maintain its different operations running As an alternative of having nest eggs to attract on, Medicare and Social Safety mainly have IOUs from the government. And how will the federal government pay them? By elevating taxes, borrowing, or chopping different programs. The issue isn’t that people on Social Security will not get their checks, it’s that the remainder of the government could go broke protecting them.

Is it attainable that such a tragedy could have been prevented? What sort of sentiment might there be toward other Asians and not just folks of Korean descent? Ought to we foster the same sentiment to Cho Seung Hui as People did with Chai Vang, one other Asian who took the lives of fellow hunters in 2004? To whom ought to we be pointing the finger?

It was straightforward to get a gun as a result of I am a U.S. citizen with no felony convictions. However the question is should non-citizens be allowed to acquire firearms? That is a question that many People and resident aliens ought to debate. I consider this is the place the system has failed us and allowed a overseas nationwide to acquire a firearm.

Patrons get genuine tickets, but for one more schedule. Many scalpers hanging around exterior concert venues (where scalping is not unlawful) anticipate desperate buyers to approach them. For some of them their modus is to promote genuine passes which are for another schedule. The tickets look genuine as a result of they’re genuine, only their validity has already lapsed. Careless buyers might not be capable to spot the error, and can only find out they’re invalid when they’re knowledgeable on the venue gate. By the time they get to the gate the scalper could have already run away or hid himself.